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SNSB Law Firm will ensure that your real estate transaction is hassle free and timely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a real estate transaction?

It is the process by which ownership in real estate is transferred between parties.

Why would there be delays in the transaction?

There are various issues that may arise that could delay the transaction. These issues generally stem from unresolved title issues that may be viewed by the buyer as title clouds or defects. In addition, waiting for approval or an estoppel from a Homeowners or Condominium Association may also delay the completion of the real estate transaction.

Is there any protection against unknown issues?

Title insurance offers some protection. The title insurer issues a policy in which it promises to cover, with some exceptions, any unknown title issues that may impact the validity of the buyer’s title. A wise buyer will ensure that a title policy was issued for the real estate transaction and will obtain a copy of the policy.

How can SNSB Law Firm help?

Ms. Blair is passionate about real estate law and remains educated about the new laws and issues that arise in the field. This up-to-date knowledge allows Ms. Blair to foresee certain issues and evaluate the best and least time-consuming curative option. For example, title claims can be an easy avenue to achieving curative because some coverage letters are acceptable curative by other underwriters for certain issues, and Ms. Blair has years of experience in filing title claims. In addition, as a result of her exposure to and discussions with various underwriters over the years, she is able to determine the risk that underwriters will generally assign to various title issues and whether certain issues may be overlooked due to their low-risk factor. SNSB Law Firm will ensure that your real estate transaction is as hassle free and timely as possible.

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