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SNSB Law Firm will work to resolve your title issues to ensure that you have clear title.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is title?

In short, it is the term used to describe the rights recognized under the law for ownership and enjoyment of real and personal property.


What is a cloud on title?

It is an apparent claim or encumbrance against a property that inhibits a property owner from transferring clear and marketable title in a real estate transaction.


Why do I need clear and marketable title?

The seller in a real estate transaction should ensure that the title is clear and marketable so that the buyer is given what was bargained for in the transaction; otherwise, the claim or encumbrance against the seller will remain on the property regardless of the subsequent transfer in ownership. The failure to clear clouds or defects on title may result in a loss in ownership due to foreclosure, quiet title, or other equitable legal remedies.


How can SNSB Law Firm help?

Ms. Blair has been resolving clouds and defects on title for over five years and has obtained releases of municipal liens, satisfactions of mortgages, and discharges of IRS liens. She has negotiated fine reductions for code and association liens. She has developed a hassle-free method for cancellation of mobile home titles. Whether it is affidavits, deeds, trust certifications, or releases, preparation of recordable documents to ensure clear title is not an issue. SNSB Law Firm will help you resolve any clouds or defects on title.


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